4 Exciting Things That Make Goa A Must Visit

  • Posted by Greenambit
  • On- 04/06/2020

Goa is not a place you visit once and strikes off your travel list. Its beauty, serenity, laid back lifestyle, carefree spirit, fresh breeze, cool sea waters, and party scenes force you to go back again, and the next time, probably a bit longer. Goa is such a captivating place that many people look for 1 BHK Flat For Sale In Goa so that they can visit this alluring state while making up to 15% extra money from rental income. If you have not been to Goa until now, consider the following reasons.

1 Beaches

The list has to begin with beaches. While North Goan beaches steal the limelight, beaches in South Goa are less crowded. If you want to see the most mesmerizing beaches in Goa, do not miss going to Utorda Beach and Arossim Beach in South Goa. Sitting by the sea with a book in your hand amid complete silence and overlooking beautiful views are some things you can expect at these beaches.

On the other hand, Anjuna, Calangute, and Baga beach are famous among tourists. They are lined up with shacks serving mouth-watering food and boozy alcohol as well as offer watersports activities, including scuba diving, banana boat ride, parasailing, etc. You will find a lot of 1 BHK Flat For Sale In Goa in that area.

2 WildLife And Gardens

Apart from beaches, Goa has Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary as well as Mollem National Park where animals like mouse deer, barking deer, sloth bear, panther, and 200 different species of birds, including fairy bluebird, Malabar pied hornbill, paradise flycatcher, Indian great black woodpecker, kingfisher are spotted. You can also see dolphins in Goa. So, it is a great vacation spot for families with kids too.

There is a spice plantation in Ponda that is immensely fragrant, fresh, and interesting. You may pluck pepper and taste it, bite a Peri Peri, bathe in the elephant shower, as well as feast on the traditional Goan lunch infused with farm spices. Additionally, you can explore the jungles in Goa too.

3 Food And Alcohol

You will find appetizing food and boozy alcohol in every nook and corner of Goa. Due to extensive tourism, almost every corner of Goa has a restaurant serving alcohol. In popular areas, you will find alcohol of all kinds and price ranges. Do not forget to try Goa’s intoxicating drink, Feni, which is made of cashew nuts but has high alcohol content. Additionally, Goa has eateries that are open 24/7, so, you can grab your bike and visit the eatery even at 3 a.m.

4 Yoga And Meditation

Another great thing about Goa is the presence of numerous meditation and yoga centers where gurus with years of experience teach you how to balance your chakras and have better control over your body and mind. Practicing these soothing and relaxing activities while sitting on a calm beach would enable you to experience an enhanced level of trance.

Apart from parties, Goa has numerous other things to offer. You must visit Goa if you are looking for a calming vacation full of adventure.