5 Reasons Why A Trip To Goa Would Be Enlightening

  • Posted by Greenambit
  • On- 04/06/2020

The smallest state of India has a huge variety of experiences to offer. They are so wide, that you can practically do everything without missing anything. You can walk on the beach, swim in the sea, do watersports, party, drink, and even enlighten yourself. People who are settled here do not stay here only because of thrills and adventures, but they buy an apartment in Goa to unwind and discover themselves. If you are wondering how; continue reading.


The coastline of Goa is wide and has numerous beaches. Some of the beaches, mostly North Goan beaches, witness the maximum number of tourist footfalls, while other beaches, specifically in North Goa, remain clear of human beings mostly. Even if you would spot people, they would be insignificant in number.

This makes North Goan beaches a perfect spot to be by yourself. Buy yourself a book, take your camera, or carry your notebook to one of these beaches and wait for inspiration to pour in. If you want to do soul searching and be aloof, you can visit these beaches early in the morning, witness the sunrise, and begin pondering.


You will find meditation and yoga centers in the hotel you are staying in or in the building you are thinking to buy an apartment in Goa. Almost all of the centers are run by experienced professionals who can teach you about balancing your chakras, mind, and body. You can even take massage therapy sessions from them to relieve your stress and relax your mind. Many corporates have begun organizing their yearly meetings in Goa and include a meditation session so that their employees unwind and recharge their batteries.

Meet Artists

Goa witnesses millions of national and international tourists, including writers, dancers, singers, actors, and artists. This is why this state has immense respect for creative people. Moreover, due to tourism, such people can benefit significantly from the exposure Goa offers. They can engage in conversations with performing artists, art store owners, designers, etc., and learn more about what interests them. You could even end up developing interest in a new skill after meeting a stranger and make a career out of it.


Experience teaches better than books. While experiencing everything first hand is impossible, you can engage in conversations with travelers and learn from their experiences. People from various states, countries, backgrounds, and beliefs visit Goa. If you want to learn about France, you can talk to a French tourist.


Being in the lap of nature will enlighten your mind and lift your spirits. In Goa, you will not only find beaches, sand, breeze, and sunlight, but also rivers, waterfalls, hills, and vast landscapes. Looking at and being amongst these uplifting elements will help you clear your thoughts and find inspiration.


The adventure, nature, and spirit of Goa are perfect for helping you relax and unwind. A visit to The above-mentioned reasons explain how Goa would help you clear your mind and feel enlightened.