How To Keep Your Home Cool Without AC

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  • On- 31/08/2018

As the global warming is increasing every day, more and more people are installing air conditioners at their houses. These air conditioners release gases which are harmful to the environment and are destroying the ozone layer, which in turn is increasing the global warming all around. This is an endless cycle which can be cut off by only one way, if we start opting green and eco-friendly ways to cool our house, we will feel the lesser heat, and we will not be destroying the environment as well.

There are a few methods to achieve the outcome we want without destroying the earth. You can opt for blackout curtains, these curtains block sunlight from coming inside the house, and in turn, it keeps the house protected against massive heat rays. Within a few days, you will be able to differentiate between the temperature of outside the house and inside it. It has been noted that blackout curtains keep home 30% cooler and it saves upto 7% on the electricity bill & lowers indoor temperature to a good extent.

Instead of turning on the air conditioner, try to be creative with the fan. Put an ice pack or an ice-filled bowl, place it at a certain angle, before the blades of the fan and as the fan is switched on the air it produces with its blades, is going take in a chilling element and spread it all across the room. This air will be better than that of the air conditioner, and this method is also green.

Another way you can multiply cooling effect inside house is by being smart with your doors. It’s nice to keep unused room’s doors closed in order to keep coolness intact.

Switching to cotton handloom is also a great idea. You may notice difference when you sleep on a cotton light colored sheet and pillow. It immediately soothens the whole heaty experience and calms down the body temperature as well.

Heat proofing the best is quite a conventional yet useful way of calming down not just room temperature but also your body temperature. Just freeze the bedsheet or sprinkle some chilled water over your sheet, you will feel how quickly that cools you.

Its not only important to control room temperature but calming the body temperature is equally essential. So dip your feet in cold water before hitting the bed and you will see how relaxed you will feel despite heat outdoor.

Turning to CFLs also is an idea to adopt. Say bye to Incandescent bulbs. The soothing light at home plays a major role in calming temperature both of room and body too.

Indoor heat is majorly generated by typical gas or chulaah as well. So ensure to plan a good utility balcony or window with heavy exhaust fans to get the heat off the home. Else go for grilled food !!!

The easiest way is to plant a lot. They cheer up the mood and ofcourse the environment. It’s good to go for some vertical gardening inside house or kitchen garden or hanging pots of greens. They chill the mood, improve the aesthetics of the house and bring in positivity.

Last but quite significant. Drink litres of water a day. Quench your thirst with smoothies, shakes, lemonana, coco water & fruit juices. This will have an immediate  positive impact inside and outside of you.

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