Local Delicacies of Goa

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  • On- 01/04/2020

No trip is complete without food. Calissa, a luxury property in Goa by Greenambit is amidst the hub for foodies. Some of the best restaurants in Goa are nearby. Also, you can find some of the best food joints around Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach,& evenCalangute beach. But how about trying something that is local? It’s always exciting to experience the authentic side of different cultures and Goa offers a wide range of it. So, here are some of the best Goan foods that you will love even if you aren’t a Goan yourself.

Goan Cuisine

Goan cuisine is intense. Plus, it is flavorful with spices and condiments that burst in your tongue. Rice and fish curry are the staples in Goa. Also, be ready for tempting flavors of coconut, pork, and kokum, Goa's most popular local spice. Furthermore, you will find the most mouth-watering food near the best beaches in North Goa. Here are the top dishes from Goan cuisine that you need to try.


XittiKodi is the infamous rice and fish curry. It is the Goan’s staple diet. Now, the ingredients used are Pomfret or Kingfisher fish, coconut, spices, and raw mango. The raw mango gives a tangy whiff to it. This mouthwatering dish can be had during lunch or dinner and some restaurants offer it with authentic Goan flavor. One of the restaurants in Goa that serve it the best is Copperleaf in Porvorim, North Goa.

Chicken or Mushroom Xacuti

Chicken or Mushroom Xacuti tastes like typical Goan cuisine. It uses poppy seeds and Kashmir red pepper and tastes well with pao or poiee. Moreover, you will find this delicacy served in many 5-star hotels in Goa as well as local restaurants and hidden tapris. You must be ready for the spiciness that comes with it. The best local restaurant in goa to try this is Fisherman Wharf in Calangute of South Goa or Copperleaf in Porvorim.


SamarchiKodi is a monsoon-dish. It is dry prawn curry, which you just cannot resist loving! Moreover, you can find the best versions in areas like Candolim Beach, Goa at one of the best running restaurant Fisherman’s Cove.

Crab Xacuti

Crab Xacuti is quite similar to Chicken Xacuti. But, the exception is that Crab Xacuti uses crabs as the main ingredient. Also, some food joints add eggs for extra consistency. This is sweet in taste and satisfies your hunger with coconut creamy flavor. Visit Soi, Authentic Goan Restaurant in Goa in Candolim, North Goa.

Goan Sweet Dishes

Multiple cuisines influenced Goan desserts. Like: Portuguese, British, Konkani, and South Indian cuisines. So, check out these top desserts:


Flour, egg, coconut milk, and sugar. That's all you need to prepare a delicious serving of Bebinca. Moreover, bebinca has around 7 layers of sweetness. Plus, it goes best with vanilla ice cream!


Coconuts are heroes in Goan cooking. So, Kokad is a coconut-made delicacy. Also, there's a hint of vanilla in it. It's a barfi-cookie-like delicacy that just melts in your mouth. Furthermore, you need to have it with hot chocolate. Because the combo is irresistible!


Kulkuls are cute, sunny, curly delights. Plus, they feel crunchy when you chew. Moreover, kulkuls taste like glazed with sweetness. Goans make these buttery bites, especially during Christmas.

Goan Drinks

Alcohol is the primary drink of Goa. So, you aren't in Goa if you aren't drinking some of the best drinks ever. Here's our top list of beverages you can find in Goa.


Feni is the staple drink of Goa.  The preparation involves the palm sap of cashew or coconut. So, the end product needs fermenting and distillation, and you're done.  Also, the alcohol content in it goes as high as 43%. But you can mix it in mocktails or juices. A tinge of lime and green chillies in feni is as well preferred by few who love spicy drinks.


Urrak has been a favorite of the Goan population. This delicacy is made after the first distillation of cashews while Feni is second or the third distillation. This is available during the period of February to March of every year. It comes with less than 30% of alcohol content and is best enjoyed with lime, ice and soda.

*Here is something for those who do not prefer alcohol.


Solkadi is a popular drink. Its main ingredient is kokum. It's a beautiful pink drink that you must taste. You need to strain and squeeze kokum extract. Then, put water, ginger, tinge of green chilly and coconut in the extract. Now, temper it, and you're done! Easy to make and super delicious. Plus, you can find it in almost all the restaurants in Goa.

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