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Think Green. Live Green

  • Posted by Greenambit
  • On- 27/08/2018

In this era, where the world is suffering from so many losses and there is deprivation everywhere, somewhere people are taking steps to preserve the greenery and make the earth feel alive again.

It is essential for a state like Goa to have greenery all around it, with the amount of business and nature there is, the two of these cannot go along for so long. Nature, therefore, must be preserved for the city to have a long-lasting reputation, as most of its income is made by tourists who are interested in the natural beauty of the city.

The first ever electric bus was introduced in Panjim, capital of Goa, in January 2018. The bus does not emit any gases and thus does not cause polluted environment. In major cities especially metros, unlike the electric buses, the usual buses and vehicles pump out harmful gases, which are not only harmful to humans, but they are harmful to earth’s health as well. Residential projects in Goa such as The Calissa by Greenambit Infrastructure offers you close transit from such cities to the green life. Greenambit offers luxury holiday homes for sale in Goa with a beautiful view of farms and greenery. These 1 BHK apartments are a perfect escape towards the greener side of life.

The government of the state has been laying efforts to ensure that their marine life is conserved. There are large numbers of beaches there and with a tremendous amount of visitors, it is more likely that Goa Government is increasing its attempts to preserve the natural beauty of the state and a lot of care is been taken by the authorities. They are conducting beach cleanup drives where they put in an effort to reduce the amount of liter; visitors leave behind them on the beaches. A life wherein you stay near beach in Goa in a property with a beautiful view of greenery are two compliments of an investment.

Goa is helping and encouraging the farmers to go organic. The authorities introduced a scheme in the favor which is called, ‘Assistance for use of Organic Inputs.’ Under the scheme, the rates of chemical-free farming products are reduced to make it available for use at the farms. The local government has introduced agri-tourism, which directs the attention of the tourists to the agriculture in Goa and its trend. It also helps in increasing the awareness about the local agriculture to the people. You can witness this day in and out of you buy property in Goa with Greenambit as The Calissa, Luxury apartments for sale in Calangute are just facing such beautiful green padded fields.

With the demise of the year 2017, Goa constituted a plan to go plastic-free completely, more likely by 2022, which is a very positive step towards a green life. With baby steps, it has started to work in favor of reduced pollution. You are suggested to buy holiday homes in Goa to enjoy this green life you truly are meant for.