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Exciting Reasons To Live In Goa

  • Posted by Greenambit
  • On- 08/06/2020

Goa is the smallest state in Indian yet it has the highest per capita income. This is because it is the best tourist destination for international and national tourists. This state is lined up with gorgeous beaches and for those who love the beach life, it is a paradise. Even a lot of celebrities choose to buy apartment in Goa

The northern and the southern part of Goa offer different types of life. While North Goa is all about party, restaurants, tourism, markets, etc. South Goa is more about silent and quieter beaches that hardly see any tourists. If your idea of a perfect day is sitting by the beach and reading or listening to music without the presence of travelers, South Goa would be ideal. 

If you are looking forward to starting your life afresh or moving to a place where you can be in the lap of nature, Goa should be your choice. If you are planning to stay for a long time, you can buy apartment in Goa. The following are the other reasons you should consider moving to Goa.

Relaxed Life

If you are tired of the hustle-bustle of the city life where you hear the sound of horns, breathe toxic air, and spend much of your time in traffic, you will love Goa. There is no traffic, toxic air, and even unwanted honking. The life in Goa is extremely peaceful.

Moreover, you can wake up each morning, go to the beach, and then spend the rest of the day sitting there doing your work. The vastness of the ocean, the cool air, the bright sun, and silence all around would force your mind and body to relax. A good thing about Goa is that you can wear shorts and a t-shirt every day to practically every place.

Hippy Vibes 

For party lovers who love interacting with new people, Goa is going to be exciting. Goa sees millions of tourists every year and a significant number of international tourists. This means you will have immense opportunities to interact with new people every day. Because of tourism, even locals are completely relaxed and friendly. 

Goa is unlike any other Indian state because here people have got accustomed to all kinds of travelers and are very open-minded. You will also find numerous artists dwelling in the state. So, if you want to lead a hippy life with total freedom to roam around, discover yourself, and party as much as you can, you may consider moving here. 

Rediscover Yourself

The metro city life, constant pressure of earning more, and working round the clock may give you a burnout. You may want to give it all up and relax for a while. Keeping up with the rising competition can be taxing on your mental health. If that is the case, Goa would help cleanse your mind. 

While a short vacation would unwind you, staying here for months or years would transform you. The clear, blue beaches, cool breeze, and meditation centers here would help you discover a different side of yourself. You may even take up new hobbies or find your passion. If you are a creative person, the artists, culture, and landscape of Goa will give you a lot of inspiration.

High Rental Yield 

Investing in a Goan property will provide you with lucrative rental returns. This especially true in case of properties in North Goa as it is the beach belt region and sees a lot of traffic. Whether you are trying to do business or make passive income, the right property can help you earn 12-15% return on your investment. 

In Goa the earning opportunities are not limited to the peak tourist season, it is all year round. During the off-season, many corporates visit the state as a part of a conference or team-building efforts due to low flight fares. While on the peak season you can earn from tourists, during peak season you can yield returns from corporates.


Goa has two contrasting sides – thrilling, exciting, and peaceful, relaxing. Depending on your mood and energy, you can explore either or both of them and rediscover yourself in the process.