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Why Is Goa The Best Place To Live In?

  • Posted by Greenambit
  • On- 04/06/2020

The smallest Indian state is one of those places where people always try to Buy An Apartment In Goa. This is because this state has numerous beaches, peaceful life, cultural diversities, quality of life, and is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. If you are looking forward to changing your place, you may want to consider settling in Goa due to the following reasons –

Being In Midst Of Nature 

Goa is one such state that has beaches, hills, waterfalls, caves, water bodies, plains, fresh air, and lots of sunlight. So, there are almost all the natural elements in Goa. If you want to improve your health by eating fresh organic food, being in sunlight, and unwinding your mind completely, Goa is ideal. People here like gardening and prefer to grow their fruits and vegetables in their backyard. Being in Goa means listening to the waves gently crashing against the seashore, drowning in bright sunlight, breathing pollution-free air, and recharging your batteries. If you have children, growing near the beach would make them healthier, fitter, and more active. 

Relaxing Life 

Goan life is stress-free, calm, peaceful, and relaxing. This is because locals in Goa are not very competitive and believe in helping everyone around them. They work during the day and party during the night. They also spend time pursuing their hobbies. Goans are creative people and welcome every kind of person with open arms. So, whether you are a musician, singer, dancer, artist, painter, or writer, you will find like-minded people amongst the locals and the tourists. 

Quality Of Life

Due to tourism, the state has almost all the renowned hotels and opulent resorts. Furthermore, there are restaurants offering fine dining as well as pubs serving all types of liquor. Whether you are in the mood of splurging or eating chips by the beach, you can find it all in Goa. This is why numerous celebrities choose to Buy An Apartment In Goa overlooking the serene sea. Goa also has decent hospitals, schools, and colleges as well. 


If you love learning new things, interacting with people of all kinds, and exploring unmarked territories, partying, trying new cuisines, and water sports, Goa would offer them all. Because it sees millions of tourists every year, the locals get the opportunity to discover new hobbies, making friends, engaging in conversations with people belonging to different countries, and exploring the unexplored.

Enthusiastic Festivities 

Since people from all over the world are settled in Goa, the locals are accustomed to celebrating festivals of all kinds with zeal, joy, energy, and happiness. Despite differences in cultural and religious backgrounds, the majority of people living in Goa celebrate Hindu, Christian, Marathi festivals together. You will see Hindus singing carols in churches on Christmas as well as Christians lighting diyas on Diwali. 

The Bottom Line

All of the factors discussed above make Goa a unique state, which welcomes people of all kinds with warmth. If you are looking forward to leading a laid back and relaxed life, Goa is the best place to live in.