Why Should Goa Be Your Next Travel Destination?

  • Posted by Greenambit
  • On- 08/06/2020

Goa is the heart of India in terms of tourism it sees every year. National and international tourists visit this gorgeous state throughout the year but mostly during October-March due to pleasant weather. Those who love beaches and alcohol, also love Goa. Another great thing is the culture of holiday homes in Goa

Instead of staying in resorts and hotels in the state, tourists with families or couples who are visiting Goa for several weeks generally prefer to stay in holiday homes in Goa. Even numerous celebrities have holiday homes in Goa. The place allures everyone because it is lush green, has pristine beaches, and lacks pollution. Other reasons why people love visiting Goa are mentioned below.

Meet Exciting People

The income of the state is majorly dependent on tourism. You will see innumerable restaurants, pubs, shacks, etc., near the beaches and throughout the state. And during the tourist season, which prevails for a minimum of six months in the state, all of these places are loaded with travelers. This means you can befriend numerous people and seek inspiration from them. If you are an artist, the architecture, flea markets, and overall environment in Goa would prove to be helpful in developing your creativity. If you are looking for a changed perspective and making new friends, Goa is the right place for you. 

Goa hosts endless parties all year round that are attended by people around the world. Whether it is the peak holiday season or off-season, parties in Goa never gets dull. Owing to its party image, there is no dearth of alcohol in this state. You will get a wide range of alcoholic beverages to get you in the right party vibe 

Relaxing Vibes 

You may want to visit the place whenever you are feeling stressed and want to relax near thesilent beaches and pump yourself up with energy and positivity. The entire state is full of serene beaches, long and silent roads, welcoming and warm locals, and mouthwatering food. Moreover, you only need to pack a couple of shorts and t-shirts to chill in this state. 

And, if you wish to take your relaxation on a spiritual level, then this states has you covered. Goa has so many Yoga and Ayurveda retreat where you can spend a peaceful time. A weekend or few days spent in Goa would rejuvenate your body and mind completely. 

Friendly Culture 

Goa is immensely popular in the country and amongst international tourists because the culture here is different. Locals are used to seeing and interacting with travelers from all over the world and so, they are very open-minded and friendly. The culture in Goa is laidback, friendly, and very welcoming. Moreover, they are used to seeing people relaxing. So, unlike metro cities, you can just chill and relax here while doing nothing. 

Enriching Beach Life

If you consider yourself to be a beach baby, you are going to love everything about Goa. With so many beaches lining its coastline, you can practically visit a new beach everyday. Moreover, each beach has a different vibe. While the beaches in North Goa are all about parties, shacks, pubs, clubs, and liveliness, the South Goan beaches are calmer, quieter, lack tourists, and are extremely peaceful. If your idea of a relaxing vacation is sitting by the sea with a chilled drink in your hand and amid soothing silence, South Goan beaches are ideal. 

The Bottom Line 

Goa is amongst the most visited national and international tourist destinations in India. While some are delighted by its beauty and serenity, others take advantage of its party culture. The way Goa unwinds your mind is incomparable.