Environmental Policy

The price of greatness is Responsibility. Greenambit Infrastructure admits itself an organization of socially pledged people who believe in being humane by the acts of development. Bringing about change in society is the need of hour. By change we mean going back to the elderly times where natural resources were best means of any sort. Our very vision of transforming smart lives to natural being states our inquisition & objective of life in Goa. We promise to replace machines to simplicity that almost depresses emissions in air & to self. The eyes should see essential by no means of technology, the skin should feel healthful & not noxious and the lungs should breathe nature & not impurities. A healthy habitat can bring longevity & healthfulness.

Acknowledging the very desideratum, Greenambit Infrastructure inherits in its developments solar heating system, water harvesting, installation of solar charging pods, energy efficient lights by using Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), usage of ash bricks & zero chemical paints. Large windows in the rooms & living area are used for direct day light, therefore minimizing the need of more artificial lighting in the house. The house & building is designed with glass fittings to allow more light during day. More trees & plants are planted in the project to reduce air conditioning usage in summers, therefore saving on power & multiplying on health. The land parcels for project development are chosen strategically near the main points of preferences like local market, restaurants & beaches, so that distances are travelled by a walk, thus controlling on pollution & embracing the fitness. Bathrooms are equipped with showers to minimize bathing concept to showering for comparatively less water usage. Installation of high efficiency HVAC systems is preferred, usage of soft paint colors are endorsed for darker ones so that more light can be naturally reflected in the house. The dustbins shall be installed at various places of the project thus promoting cleanliness & good health. Greenambit thus shoulders responsibility in making the living better, which starts from your home.


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