Goa, one of the most popular and well-known coastal states of India, has many jewels in its crown. Whether it's about traditions or celebrations, festivals or religions, dance or music, fun or joy, health or happiness, cuisines or drinks, liquor or fenny, yoga or relaxation, peace or entertainment, Goa has it all! A blend of 40 beautiful beaches, Goa has been fascinating visitors and tourists alike. Feel yourself alive amidst the vibrant Goa culture. Be a Goan: Let us tell you 'Why'?


Life in Goa is peaceful, a welcome escape from the chaos of the urban lifestyle. People here are not driven by the urban hush bush and the ills associated with the slavery of a gadget driven life. Goans love to rest and enjoy the way life is meant to be. If you want to really feel alive, Goa can offer you a lifetime of incredible experiences


Where dance and music is in the air of Goa, fun and enjoyment is in the blood and tradition of Goans. The Sunburn Music Festival, Go Supersonic Festival, Goa Carnival Celebrations, etc. are some of the prominent celebrations that keep Goa lively all through the year. Casinos here offer the best gaming experiences fascinating people of all ages. The city is known for the parties and the lively nightlife that comes along! The convenience in renting a bike or car enables people to just roam about the streets of Goa and explore very hook and corner of it.


The influence of the Portuguese culture can be seen in the architecture of Goa, giving a feel of International association. The crumbling ruins, idyllic bungalows, brightly colored heritage villas and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites set Goa apart from other cities of the country.


Feni, the Exclusive Goa liquor is made from wither cashew apples and coconut. It is widely popular and contains 40-50% alcohol. Goa's intricate Henna Tattoos are also another exclusive specialty of Goa. Another thing that is unique to Goa is its climate. Due to the coastal region, the weather of Goa is generally sunny and pleasant with no extreme temperatures. The temperature varies from 25°C - 30°C offering alluring views during different seasons.


Goa offers the best of the Dining Experiences one can have. From regional cuisines, which are a mixture of Portuguese and Indian flavors, to International sea food, Goa has the best of the dining experiences. Its sumptuous food served with a glass of port wine soothes every taste bud. The cozy restaurants on International themes add a truly vibrant dining scene.


Goa is a perfect place to pursue your passion. The panoramic beaches, lush green areas and the spectacular beauty of Goa makes it just a perfect place for post-retirement life. Whether it's about simply enjoying a late lunch at a beach shack or watching the lazy sunset, Goa is sure to fill your life with mesmerizing experiences. Photography is another passion that gets wings in Goa. With so many picturesque views, you can have multiple opportunities to lock the lovely moments in your camera. You can even have a relaxed day enjoying fishing along the coast of Arabian Sea.


Goa is blessed with pristine water bodies facilitating a lot of heart pumping activities to rediscover the fun, excitement and thrill in life. Diving, jet skiing, catamaran sailing, parasailing and windsurfing are some of the activities that can take you to an altogether different world of adventure. Explore the water sports in Goa to rediscover a new you.


People often term Goa as a 'Paradise' for fun lovers. Yes, it is. A laid back lifestyle, friendly people, lovely beaches, abundant water sports, diverse food, mixed culture and a place to relax and enjoy without any threat to safety, is what makes Goa the most sought after destination for tourists as well as investors.
Life in Goa can be as relaxed as you can make it. Whether you are looking for a basic or a luxurious establishment, Goa offers one for all. It all depends what you want to get out of it. However, we strongly believe, nothing can make you learn about a new city more than living there by yourself! So, what are you waiting for?


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