Vastu-Compliant Luxury Living in Goa

Luxury Villas in Goa are equipped with opulent and splendid luxurious amenities. There are many things that bind together to create the aura of the villas in Goa. For instance, LCDs, air conditioner, Indo-Portuguese artefacts, etc.,each placement builds an effect that has its own significance. Hence, you must remember certain Vastu principles.

5 Vastu tips for a perfect luxury villa in Goa

1. Metallic Furniture
For the perfect villas in Goa, metallic furniture can be an offset. Metals, in particular the ones like iron, can have an adverse effect on the villa. Furthermore, Goa has a very vibrant mood. Hence, metallic furniture like doors can attract more negative vibes. However, in case the villa is located towards the east, a wooden door would be a beautiful addition.

2. LCDs
Certain additions in the house can lead to fortune. Villas for sale in Goa can have LCDs. This is mainly because LCDs are a prime source of entertainment in a house. However, placement is an important aspect. So, the LCDs are placed either in the East or the Northeast direction of the villa. This helps luxury villas in Goa in capturing the refreshing mood of the vicinity.

3. Water Fountains and Swimming Pools
You would find it hard to buy a villa in Goa that does not come with its own swimming pool. Also, some luxury villas come with fountains to add that extra effect. But, the placement of these artificial water bodies matters a lot. The best would be to place them facing the east of the southeast direction of the villa.

4. Colors
Check out the color of the villas for sale in Goa. This is because colors are the deciding factors of how they can make a person feel. Some colors attract positive energy while others radiate negativity. Hence, you will see most villas in Goa with either a bright or neutral color scheme. That way, these pose positivity on the moods of visitors.

5. Placement of Artifacts
Artifacts can shape villas differently. When you buy a villa in Goa, observe how certain artifacts can change the mood of the building from contemporary to historical. Hence, the selection should be based on making the living experience more serene.

Greenambit's dedication relies on building homes that give you a feeling of serenity. The objective is to give you a break from the smart life and pull you closer to nature. Hence, you will find a lot of peace and tranquility in the stays.

The good news is, Greenambit homes is soon launching new villas in Goa. These villas shall be luxury in nature. Private pool Villa Goa is the choice of investors as well as tourists.


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