Serviced Apartment in Goa

Apartment in Goa:
The new hype

Serviced Apartment in Goa: The new hype

Still searching for hotels in Goa? Maybe, you should up your game. Service Apartments in Goa are alternatives for a memorable homestay. North Goa offers eminent stays for you with its service apartments. From Baga, Calangute to Candolim, you have a vast choice of affluent, suitable and comfortable stays. With hotels turning passé, Greenambit works on providing extramundane tours or holidays with friends with enticing service apartments.

5 Major Advantages Of Service Apartments Over Hotels

1. Overall Reasonable Cost

Service apartments in Goa cut up to 60 to 70% of rental expenses per head. This is because you can share a rental apartment amongst 4-5 adults. On the other hand, a hotel will only allow up to 2 residents per room. Therefore, you can stay for a longer time without paying much in service apartments.

2. Amenities like Kitchen, Flexibility, and Freedom

Unlike a hotel, service apartments provide you the full independence to live your life the way you live at your home. That means you get an updated kitchen where you can cook for yourself whenever you want. Moreover, service apartments in Goa are far more flexible in terms of check-ins, parking spaces, free WiFi, and other services.

3. Professional and Trained Staf

The hospitality industry has progressed a lot in Goa. You can see so many professionals joining hands to assist you in service apartments. Moreover, service apartments provide employees with opportunities to enhance skills faster. This is mainly because the work is run hands-on. The trained staff is available 24*7 and treats guests with complete courtesy and professionalism.

4. Infrastructure Security

One of the major reasons for choosing luxury hotels is security. However, often luxury hotels turn out to have an overt and unnecessary display of security. Service apartments provide adequate security without causing any such inconvenience to you with CCTV Surveillance and gated complexes.

5. 24/7 Power Backup

Power outages have been a constant concern in India. But, service apartments in Goa provide nonstop power backup through generators. So, unlike luxury hotels, you won’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for electricity backup.

The Calissa is located strategically to help you discover Goa coherently. With amazing villas for sale in North Goa, Greenambit is sure to make your life full of fun and pleasure in future when these villas are launched.