Villas in North Goa

Villas in North Goa :
Tickets to uncompromised fun

Villas in North Goa : Tickets to uncompromised fun

Whether you are looking for an easy-going vacation or an exhilarating holiday, Goa proffers both. North Goa, especially, is a dream holiday spot. Moreover, the villas in North Goa leave the experience elevated to new heights. Looking at that, it’s no wonder that villas for sale in North Goa are increasing in demand. Here are a few handpicked fun things you can enjoy in North Goa.

Fun Things To Do In North Goa

Most Studio apartments in Goa save you from going through the hassle of peakseason chaos. Furthermore, no time restrictions are laid in these studio apartments. So, you can arrive or leave as per your wish. There are 3 major ways of how Studio apartments help you in the peak-season crisis

1. Be a Beach Baby

Considering that the úpcomingvillas in Goa by Greenambitshall be within walkable distance from the beach, you will have full access to the sea. So, you might as well make the best out of it. For example, you can try scuba diving for a divine underwater experience. If not that, you can try snorkeling which is one of the most popular Goan activities. Moreover, if you just want a peaceful time, you can simply lay on the white sand and sunbathe. Also, visiting the beach at night is a whole new experience you must try. However, it would be better if you avoid risking going deeper into the waters at nighttime.

2. Visit Fort Aguada and the Churches

The distance from Greenmabit’s current residential project, Calissa, to Fort Aguada takes barely 11 minutes. Plus, you can use Calissa’s bicycles rides which will maintain your fitness as well. Fort Aguada is symbolic of Portuguese glory that shaped the base of the modern Goa. Moreover, it is surrounded by mesmerizing blue water and the nature that leaves you with tranquility. Other than that, you can visit beautiful different churches spread across Goa. For example, the popular St. Anthony’s Chapel is hardly 4 mins away from the Calissa.

3. Gain a Goa Shopping Experience

What’s a trip if you haven’t collected some lifelong souvenirs? In fact, Goan markets are going to add more vivid colors to your vacation. The nearest Calangute market is only 5 mins away from Calissa. Besides, you cannot miss the opportunity to check out the Goan fashion. It is definitely an interesting perspective of their beautiful culture.

4. Go Clubbing!

Clubbing and Goa have almost become almost synonymous. No place in India has clubs as enjoyable as in North Goa. So, you are bound to come across all high-end clubs packed with party-lovers. Plus, Calissa has some of the major luxe clubs located nearby. The food in these clubs is amazing and the drinks are even better.

The Calissa is located strategically to help you discover Goa coherently. With amazing villas for sale in North Goa, Greenambit is sure to make your life full of fun and pleasure in future when these villas are launched.